What is your passion?

What is my “Passion”?

Despite joyful earthly man made definition of passion as "Any powerful or compelling feeling or emotion about a subject or a person, the Bible doesn't always use the word "passion" in the same joyful sense. The Bible uses the word passion to describe Jesus' suffering when he died in the cross. Lucky for us, it was the REASON he died that was the true passion. His love story- his love for each one of us and his desire to have each of us to spend eternity in Heaven with him. I was born with this passion to tell a story. My passion has always been artistic. I have always loved finding all the different artistic ways God's love can be expressed. In on of the darkest times of my life, infertility, and feeling like a failing Mom and wife, God drew out my passion to share his love story through others in photography. I love taking my passion and teaching others the artistic expression they have rooted in them through Christ. When I photograph a session, whether it be an engaged couple, a wedding, two becoming one in Christ, or a large family, my Passion is to capture the Love Jesus has planned for us through that human interaction. It's the little details, the way a Mom kisses her daughters’ cheek, the way a new husband hold his wife's hand, to the way a grandchild looks at their grandparents. Being a lifestyle, documentary photographer, I love to set up the moments and allow God to flow into a session. I tell a husband to tell his wife in her ear what makes her so amazing and what qualities he admires that God gave her. I love to tell a Mom to tell her child while pushing the hair out of their face why she feels blessed to be their Mommy. I love to capturing the Passion Christ has rooted in their spirit. My passion project currently is expanding my business to start mentoring "young" in career photographers. Really pull out of them the handiwork that God stored in their spirit and how he created them to catch on film so the client can see herself how beautiful they really are. The photography world is very Earthly, legalistic and political. My passion is to bring Jesus back to the center of it. To show That God knew how to design us to capture these special moments to SING HIS PRAISE, his Glory and his name. My passion is to help these "young photographers" to be who Christ created them, not what Social Media group says. To have meaning, Clarity, and fulfillment in this life through Christ. Kari Jobe's song has been on repeat in my spirit and mind through his journey, it's my anthem.... The only thing I want in life is to be known for loving Christ to build His church To love His bride And make His name known far and wide It is not fame that I desire Nor stature in my brother's eye I pray it's said about my life
That I lived more to build Your name than mine My Passion is to show that Jesus IS in art. After all, some of Jesus' most poignant moments was when he drew in the sand.