Watching infertility turn into God’s Grace

I met this beautiful couple on a cold evening in October 6 years ago. We, my husband and I, had one so together and had no idea we were blessed beyond measure with him. As I got to know them, I learned that they had been together for almost 20 years and at this point, had been trying for a baby for twelve years. Over the next three years, Kelly and became good friends. We related on so many levels however, infertility and honesty about the feelings became the deal sealer for us. Even though our first child was a surprise, we soon found out that he was a miracle. Not just one, but both of my tubes were blocked. Well crap, how does one deal with that? I of course call my friend Kelly and say all the angry at God things I want to say and then let her put me back in like and pray over me. Then one day, God gave me a vision. It was her with a little girl. I told her, she told me to shut up, then we cried and prayed together. She proceeded to tell me a story of what her little girls name would be and why. From that moment on, I wouldn’t let her give up. The longer we went with me being annoying and asking her about it, time went by with not a single positive test. I saw this woman not only continue and have AMAZING faith like Hannah that she would be blessed, but be obedient in her calling, serve at church, and become a deaconess. How does one do that? When you are hurt and angry with God, instead of running, she ran to Jesus and served him even more. There was one night we sat at their table with other friends and they told us something very private. Out of that cane the word HOPE. We ALL walked away knowing t was God showing them to not give up HOPE. Fast forward about a year and a half and as I am driving down the road (yea yea, we all do it, don’t judge) I get a text message that reads “So, will you be available to do maternity pictures in February?”. I immediately called her IN TEARS and told her it was her fault if I wrecked my car. So here we are, 18 years later in their journey, and I am in tears posting this beautiful, WINDY maternity session. I am also currently awaiting the text that beautiful NAOMI GRACE is two hours from making her grand entrance into this world so I can grab my bags and head to the hospital. In the mean time, I will CL tiny to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy with he baby sitter and just reflect on how what one thought was an unfairness from God, was actually his GRACE waiting on the perfect moment to arrive.