I believe in fostering real connections with real people and that every person in this big, beautiful world has a story to tell.


Through photography, I document life's moments that may later be forgotten -- the way your child stands on their tippy toes to kiss you, how little your baby's hands were when they were 3 months old, the way your wife's nose crinkles when she laughs, the way your mother's eyes welled up with tears on your wedding day, how tightly your children hug their dad after racing to be the first one in his arms.

Those little things mean the world to me. All too often I am reminded how chaotic and fleeting life can be, which is why I am so incredibly passionate about what I do. 


I would love to preserve those precious life memories for you.

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My name is Jeanna! I'm a Portrait & Wedding Photographer based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. I specialize in capturing life's authentic, raw moments and presenting them with an organic and vibrant editing style.

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